Know DUI Penalties And Fight For Your Future

Your potential penalties in case of a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania will depend on your blood alcohol content (BAC), determined by breath, blood or urine testing shortly after your traffic stop. Other factors will include whether or not you have a prior DUI offense on record and whether you refused to submit to a breath or chemical test.

What Are Pennsylvania's DUI Laws?

Pennsylvania categorizes DUI offenses based upon a number of factors with varying penalties. There are three tiers based upon one’s BAC content at the time of driving. The tiers range from BAC levels of .08 - .10; .10 to .16; and .16 or greater.

Additionally, offenses can be additionally categorized if they involved controlled substances, resulted in an accident or the operator refuses a chemical test. The penalties for DUI offenses depend not only upon the amount of alcohol or controlled substance in one’s system, but also if the offense is a first or subsequent offense.

With the exception of the most minor of DUI offenses, most DUI convictions involve a driver’s license suspension. In addition to a license suspension for the DUI conviction, refusing a chemical test carries its own one-year license suspension.

Charged With DUI? What Happens Next?

It is important for anyone charged with a DUI offense to contact an attorney immediately to discuss your options and to begin the process of preparing an appropriate defense. It is important to discuss the penalties associated with your particular DUI charges including any jail time and licenses suspensions. You would also want to discuss the possibility of the whether the ARD Program is appropriate for your particular situation in order to determine whether you are able to reduce or eliminate any potential jail sentence or license suspension.

For more specific details related to potential penalties if your case in or near York County results in a conviction, consult with an attorney at Griest, Himes, Herrold, Reynosa LLP.

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