Representing Clients Facing Drug Charges

Being in possession of even a small amount of drugs found on a person can leave an individual facing serious consequences. If you are charged with drug possession or more serious drug offenses, it is important to take immediate action to enlist a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

At Griest, Himes, Herrold, Reynosa LLP, our attorneys have extensive legal experience that we use when handling drug offenses. We understand the impact that these cases can have on our clients' lives and work to minimize any impact to their futures. Certain counties in Pennsylvania, including York County where our office is located, offer treatment courts. Our firm has experience guiding clients through the treatment court process institutions where they have qualified for the program.

Types Of Drugs And Drug Crimes

Our firm confidently handles all types of federal and state drug offenses, including those listed below:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug sale or distribution
  • Possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Manufacture/cultivation
  • Driving under the influence of a controlled substance

Consequences For A Drug Crime Conviction

The type of punishment for a conviction in a drug crime case varies depending on the severity of the situation. Federal drug offenses often carry harsher penalties. In addition to a prison sentence, probation and/or fine, drug convictions can also lead to drivers' license suspensions.

When you meet with our lawyers, we can assess the charges and review all of the information from the prosecution. We can then begin to plan a strategy to defend your case.

Take Action Now And Get Help

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