Obtaining an Occupational Limited License after a DUI conviction

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Punishments for a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania may include a suspension of your license. Not only does a suspended license affect your ability to drive to pick up your children and get groceries, it also hinders your ability to get to work. Without driving privileges, how will you sustain yourself and your family?

Depending on the circumstances of your charge, you may have the opportunity to apply for an Occupational Limited License (OLL). These license privileges allow drivers with suspended licenses to drive to and from specific destinations at identified times of the day. When dealing with any DUI conviction repercussions, you may wish to speak with an experienced attorney. Criminal defense attorneys provide the best knowledge and can help develop a sound case for your need for an OLL in Pennsylvania.

Applying for an OLL

Pennsylvania court works to assign reasonable punishments to individuals that commit crimes. Though sometimes, with the suspension of a driver’s license penalty, the punishments could bring undue hardship on an individual and his or her family. The goal, when applying for an OLL, is to identify reasons to the court that explain the necessity of obtaining an OLL for your livelihood.

Applying for an OLL involves:

  1. Filing a petition titled DL-15 to explain your situation and reasoning for applying, as well as provide your identifying information and insurance
  2. Sending the file to PennDOT with the designated payment
  3. Having your reasoning reviewed by PennDOT
  4. If accepted, receiving an OLL

Your OLL will prove valid for the amount of time that your license is suspended in the state. When the OLL expires, your Pennsylvania driver’s license has the ability to be reinstated.

The privileges of an OLL

Occupational Limited Licenses have strict rules on when you can operate a vehicle. A court will determine, based on your needs, a schedule that will be available to you.

With an OLL, you have the opportunity to drive to and from:

  • Your job
  • Your affairs
  • Medical treatment
  • Educational or schooling

Depending on your circumstances, the court may impose strict rules regarding your driving privileges. For example, you may only have the ability to legally driving during daylight hours.

The goal of PennDOT’s OLL program is to offer the opportunity to those convicted of a DUI to regain some driving privileges if needed for their jobs or schedules. It is essential, especially when applying for an OLL, that you speak with an attorney to help your case.