What are your odds of divorce? Consider these red flags

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Divorce |

Pinpointing the exact odds of divorce for any couple can be hard because there are so many factors involved. The old saying that 50% of marriages end in divorce no longer holds true, if it ever did, and even that isn’t the same for every couple.

For instance, couples who get married when they are in their teens have higher divorce rates than couples who wait until around 30 years old. Couples who face a lot of financial stress have higher divorce rates than those who don’t. There are just so many things to take into account.

With that in mind, consider these red flags that could mean divorce is on the horizon:

  • It’s a highly emotional marriage. Couples who were really affectionate when they first got together could be more likely to split up if they can’t sustain that for the next two years.
  • Couples do not communicate well. They can cause a lot of issues for themselves and may have fights and disagreements that could have easily been avoided.
  • Each person had their own expectations, and those were not the same. When they come to marriage expecting very different things, neither person will be happy with it.
  • The couple has few shared interests or none at all. While dating, this may seem interesting and exciting. After marriage, though, they could get frustrated about not doing things together or always having to do things they don’t really want to do.

These are just a handful of potential red flags, but they help to show you how every relationship is unique. Those facing divorce must know what legal steps to take.