DNA tests conclusively establish paternity

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If there is ever a question of a child’s paternity, a DNA test and settle the matter forever. The tests are very accurate, and that’s what you need with so much on the line.

The results of that test could impact your child custody rights, your options to pay (or receive) child support and more. When you need to know, a DNA test provides answers. 

Accuracy with DNA testing is very close to 100%

DNA tests can determine paternity with 99.9% accuracy. In the past, there would often be controversy when one parent claimed to be the child’s father — or the mother claimed that someone was the father when he adamantly said he was not — and these issues could get complicated. If all you have are two people’s own accounts and claims, how do you show who is telling the truth?

Undoubtedly, there were people who lost custody when they should have retained it or who were forced to pay support when they shouldn’t have in the past. Thankfully, though, DNA tests have changed all of that and made the process very easy and straightforward.

Take steps today to resolve your paternity issues

You may want to consider this along with the rest of your legal options when trying to determine exactly where you stand. Establishing a child’s paternity is critical when it comes to issues of custody, support, inheritance and more, so don’t hesitate to take action.