If you have medication, can you share it?

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Imagine that a friend comes to you and complains about some medical symptoms they’ve been having. You recognize them as symptoms that you’ve also experienced. But you’ve already been through the process of going to the doctor, getting a diagnosis and then getting a prescription medication to help you treat these symptoms.

What you want to do is to share that medication with your friend. You know exactly what they’re going through, and you know how much the medication helps. Can you share this with them in a situation like this?

You cannot share prescriptions

It depends on what type of medication you have. You can certainly share over-the-counter medications with people who are also legally allowed to use them. But, if you have a prescription medication, then it is not legal for you to share this medicine with your friend.

The key is that the prescription is all that makes it so that you can legally use that substance in the first place. Without it, you would be breaking the law simply to use these drugs, as they are controlled substances. So, while a prescription does get you around this hurdle and makes it so that you can legally pick up the medicine you need, your friend is still bound by those laws. They are not allowed to use medication that they don’t have a prescription for, and that means that you cannot share with them.

Are you facing drug charges?

Many people find themselves facing drug charges after an innocent mistake. If you are in this situation, then it’s time to begin considering your defense options.