3 reasons grandparents seek custody of their grandkids

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Do you think you may need to seek custody of your grandchild?

Pennsylvania laws accord grandparents rights that allow them to intervene in their grandchild’s lives under certain clearly-defined situations – so long as their request for custody reflects the child’s best interests.

When is the court likely to be receptive to a grandparent’s petition for custody

If the child is in danger

Sometimes parents struggled with the sheer weight of the job of just being a parent. If your adult child and their co-parent can’t provide your grandchild with a stable life or have mental or physical problems that interfere with their parenting abilities, that may be a reason to ask for custody. 

If the parents struggle with substance abuse

Even the most loving and caring of parents can fall through the cracks of addiction and substance abuse. Grandparents often find themselves seeking custody of their grandchildren because the children’s parents are addicts who can’t even take care of themselves, much less a child. 

If the parents are incarcerated

Pew Research reports that 2.7 million minors have incarcerated parents. If one or both parents are imprisoned, a grandparent may need to seek custody to provide the child with some stability. If one parent is incarcerated and the other is absent (or both parents are incarcerated), a grandparent can be an important lifeline for their grandchild.

Pennsylvania law allows grandparents to establish healthy, safe and secure relationships with their grandkids. If you are concerned about the well-being of your grandchild, you may consider petitioning for custody so you can expand your role in their life. Experienced legal guidance is wise.