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A Strong Defense For Aggressive Prosecution Requires 

Throughout the country and here in Pennsylvania, law enforcement officials are becoming more and more aggressive in their handling of drug cases. Even a small amount of drugs found on a person can leave him or her facing serious consequences.

If you are charged with drug possession or another drug crime, take immediate action to enlist a qualified drug charges lawyer.

At Griest, Himes, Herrold, Reynosa LLP, our attorneys have extensive criminal law knowledge that they use when handling drug offenses. We understand the impact that these cases can have on our clients’ lives and work to minimize any impact on their futures. Certain counties in Pennsylvania, including York County where our office is located, offer treatment court.

Our firm has experience guiding drug offense clients through the treatment court process, in situations where they have qualified for treatment court.

Protecting Your Future From Damaging Charges

Our firm confidently handles all types of federal and state drug crimes, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug sale or distribution
  • Possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Manufacture/cultivation
  • Paraphernalia

Penalties for drug-related offenses can vary widely depending on the classification of the drugs involved, the amount of the drugs, and various other factors. Sentences for distribution and possession with intent to distribute can be quite severe.

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