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On-Site Title Services

There are many aspects of real estate transactions that must be addressed by an experienced professional. This includes issues involving property titles and title insurance. As part of our real estate practice, we at Griest, Himes, Herrold, Reynosa LLP can provide clients with the title insurance and abstract services they need.

Located in York County, Pennsylvania, our firm is committed to helping clients with all of their title needs. We strive to help clients understand title searches and title insurance and how they impact the real estate purchase. As attorneys, we can help you address any issues that arise with the title as soon as we become aware of them. Some matters may be resolved efficiently; some may take additional effort and time. Regardless of the situation, we keep you informed regarding the status of your case and provide you with updated timelines as to how an issue may delay the completion of your transaction.

Your Rights

When you are involved in a real estate transaction, it is essential that you know the history of the property. This can be investigated through a title search. If the title search uncovers anything or you want to be additionally protected, title insurance can be purchased. This protects you in the event another party makes a claim to the property.

You have the right to choose your own title company. This is mandated by federal law. No one can force you to use a certain title company. Banks and other financial entities may recommend a certain title company or agent, but they are not looking out for you. Our firm can assist you with all your title-related needs and keep your best interests at the forefront of the case.

Get The Title Information You Need

Our lawyers can help you understand your rights, options and obligations regarding title searches and insurance. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call our Pennsylvania firm at 717-900-5677 or contact us online.